“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

― Arthur C. Clarke

Our vision is based on this principle.





  • To become a true definition of 'trusted partner' to our customers.

  • To be identified as best service provider in SMAC area.

  • To significantly contribute to the worlds research in engineering and make innovative solutions.

  • To ensure our staff will be comprised of individuals committed to our mission and values, and the application for the highest professional practices and standards.



An Overview


Blackbuck Engineers & Company is founded in such spirit. We are passionate about high technology and futuristic R&D projects and aim to provide premier engineering services. Our strength lies in multi and interdisciplinary capabilities across engineering disciplines and functional modules. We deliver best, in results-oriented, time bound and outcome based projects.


Blackbucks employs engineers who have research focus, strong at engineering design principles and also passionate about mentoring fresh graduates from the college. Our staff includes more of Masters and Ph.D. level engineers. Blackbucks is passionate about pushing the limits of world-class technology, so our customers can turn their dream into beautiful design concepts and then into successful, innovative products. 


We operate in three divisions:


  • Blackbuck Consulting - Blackbuck Consulting works in two focus areas: Transforming Businesses. Transforming People. The Management Consulting team we have formed, has helped India's biggest business houses to significantly transform and improve their share value. We work to continually improve our customers' operational and financial performance. And hence our engagement is outcome based and continuous. Our methodology is to perform due diligence, define a vision and then monitor our recommendations as our customers' realize the results. Our focus is to help identify the issues that need to be addressed to clear your path to value and high performance. Then we work side-by-side with you and your teams not only to address your issues and unlock value, but also to create a dynamic environment where you can grow, evolve and thrive — with or without our help.

  • Blackbuck Engineers - Our technology solutions and services division brings expertise to solve current technology problems using latest tools. By virtue of working in R&D in academia we have gained expertise in latest, cutting edge technologies and in a meticulous research oriented way that brings us unique advantage in understanding complex issues that delve deep in analysis, mathematical, statistical models and deal with algorithmic thinking. At the same time we bring in our corporate experience to deliver highest quality standards possible.

  • Blackbuck R&D labs - Blackbuck R&D labs aims at raising the bar in engineering education in India. Blackbucks is into R&D and real-time application development services to Engineering students. We transform ideas of the students into reality and if we could manage to get investments for any of the products, the revenues are shared with the college and students. This is an idea that is win-win-win for us, students and the colleges.



Brief about our technology focus areas

We provide a comprehensive range of services from initial consultancy, basic design, detailed engineering to through-life support, and with all services being accredited to internationally recognized quality standards. Our engineering team takes a holistic approach to provide comprehensive solutions and provides engineering support from individual tasks to complete work packages.


  • Information Technology / Software Services - We work in the SMAC areas of Information Technology - cloud services, big data, mobility, internet of things and analytics apart from web application development.

  • Electronics We are competent with Embedded Systems (ARM, Arduino, Atmega, Raspberry Pi), Semiconductors, VLSI (Verilog), Digital Image and Signal Processing (MATLAB) and Communications (NS2)

  • Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering - Blackbuck Engineers & Company offers a wide range of analysis, design and simulation services by providing solutions using software like Ansys, CAD, Pro E. CATIA. We also provide training, consulting and testing services to engineering and manufacturing companies. We offer mechanical design, engineering and product development services to a broad range of industries, from the rigorous and highly specific demands of military, defense and aerospace through to cost-sensitive high-volume consumer product development.

Our flexible approach to any piece of work determines how we deliver value and high performance. It helps drive efficiency using leading practices while encouraging plenty of creativity and innovation. 

With you, in your pursuit of   excellence.  

Sharing your hardwork behind a   great vision.


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